Creating & Producing
Better User Experiences


Nineteen Rooms

Creation and production of a simple top down puzzle game from concept to playable prototype

A simple user experience that teaches the player game mechanics through increasing difficulty beats and creativity within the constraints of those mechanics and limited level building assets.

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Design Standards

User Experience Lead
Created and presented a talk to help the team understand their role in the design process

Leading a developer centric team that was not aware of how they played into the design process was a challenge. I created a simple, memorable, and accessible talk that introduced new process and tools.

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Must Have Air

Multiplayer last man standing platformer created from A-Z in under 3 weeks for Core Game Engine game jam

Solo produced, designed, and developed a multiplayer experience with survival as the theme and prompt all within the constraints of Core Game Engine and my ability level at the time.

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Slow is Fast

Encouraging team to slow down at the right moments to increase efficiency from both task and project levels

Used my love of motorsport to drive home process practices for team members with the goal to set them up for maximum efficiency through conversations, planning, and transitions.

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Unreal UMG Menu Redesign

Redesigned Assetto Corsa Menu UI using Unreal UMG and Blueprints

Worked to improve user experience by using subtle animation and varied interaction control options.

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Bow Down Deathmatch

Deathmatch map experience designed within the constraints of the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor

Created an atypical deathmatch experience focusing on verticality, movement, game sense, and positioning over pure gun skill.

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Hebrew Flashcards Apps

Multiplatform iOS/Android app to help users learn and practice four different forms and pronunciations of the Hebrew alphabet

Produced and designed the flashcards app using and managing an international remote team. Since its release it has been downloaded with a high rating over 200k times.

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Board Game Team Building Exercise

Team Lead
Created and led culture building team exercise intended to build relationships and provide a creative outlet for subsets of team members that typically don't get to work together.

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