Hebrew Flashcards App

Production, design, and delivery of iOS / Android mobile app


This particular client had been using 3x5 paper flashcards for learning the Hebrew alphabet and wanted to move to a more modern system of memorization while also providing benefits to others.

We helped the client understand what the goals and requirements should be. Those requirements ended up including the need to learn multiple Hebrew lettering types such as book, block, cursive, and ancient script characters. This was intended to help be able to translate and understand old text.

We included a few simple types of quizzes and practice exercises to help reinforce the learning.

  • Convert four sets of separate flashcards into a single digital flashcard version and study tool
  • Provide multiple ways to study and practice
  • Multiple mobile platforms (iOS / Android)


Although we housed our own group of developers are specialty was web development and not app development. We were excited to find and build relationship and partnership with a new team that would allow us to increase our business offerings and services.

Once the team was found I was able to work with them to be sure they understood requirements, designs, and timelines and worked with them over the entire duration of the project to ensure that milestones and project goals were hit.

  • Tasked with finding and managing an international team to develop the project
  • Create budget expectations and manage timeline of new relationship with team
  • Communicate between client and team with updates, pitfalls, and changes in any of the expectations along the way
  • Creation of tasks and milestones for international remote team with major time zone differences

POsitive reviews AND reSponse

Although simple the app had a lot of praise. Many of the competing apps were trying to teach the Hebrew language or had a lot of bells and whistles. That was not the goal for this app. It did one thing really well and it has received high praise over the years because of it

Since its release we have seen the both platforms accumulate thousands of downloads. The client had us add a audio pack later in the process to enhance users ability to learn the proper pronunciation.

  • Over 200k downloads all time on Apple and Google Play combined
  • 4.2 stars on Apple App Store with 261 ratings
  • 4.6 Lifetime average rating on Google Play Store with over 992 users ratings

*All numbers as of October 2021


Take a look at the following video and slides to get an idea of the simplicity, design, flow, and overall feel of the app.