Additional Designs & Projects

Blown Away - Far Cry 5 Multiplayer Level Design & UX
Using the Far Cry 5 Arcade level editor I created a sniper based multiplayer map with a twist at match start. When player spawn they must first solve a simple puzzle using explosives that allows them to get to the player arena potentially more quickly than the opposing team. This creates strategy options and advantages for the team that can enter the arena first.

BLGC.ORG - eCommerce & Membership Site
Ben Lomond is one of the biggest gun clubs in Colorado with over 1500 members focused on shooting sports and safe handling of firearms and gun safety. I helped design fully automated and semi automated processes to simplify their membership renewal, management, and communication experiences. They are also able to update their site withy a simple and effective CMS that works for less technical users.

Mirr Ranch Group - Website & Property Listing Solution
While working at Never Settle I had the chance to work with and manage the client relationship for Mirr Ranch Group, a high end property and land brokers group. They sold properties ranging all the way up to hundreds of millions of dollars all over the world. - Website & Membership Management is owned by the Chamber of Commerce in Grand Lake, Colorado. They are a membership based non-profit that is both a marketing arm contracted by the town as well as a membership based and directed organization. was a cool project that I designed from the ground up and managed a team through the development process. My goal was to bring a bunch of manual systems into a more modern process. Now their entire membership can be managed and marketed through a mobile friendly website.

The business directory is one of the most powerful pieces of the site for folks visiting Grand Lake.

Wanderlust Outfitters - eCommerce Website
Wanderlust Outfitters came to us looking for a small e-commerce site that could potentially take on some of the larger sites in the future. With a massive inventory that has to be updated and in sync with the floor inventory WLO also was one of our biggest challenges. I was the main point of contact for during my last two years at Never Settle of which part of my undertaking was to get the project and communication back on track.

Vet to Vet - Website for App Prototype Concept
I built a prototype app and supporting website prototype for a client that came to us with an idea that they wanted to shop for funding.

Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap - Website & Physical Product
I co-founded Osana with three other partners and later Never Settle acquired it to try and get it to the next level. We sold $100k+ worth of soap annually primarily through and the website. I was responsible for much of the branding, marketing collateral, Kickstarter graphics, and box design and experience.

Dark Watch Security - Branding
Put together a logo mark and basic branding for a Grand Lake, Colorado based security company.