Slow Is Fast

Guiding Team Focus on Planning to Increase Efficiency


Motorsport and the study of racing lines and playing Gran Turismo and F1 games an excessive amount introduced the concept of "slow is fast" to me for the first time. Although slow is fast is more nuanced, the overarching concept of thinking about each project or task as a turn on a track has been super helpful. Some turns you have to brake, release the brake, and then turn. Others you only have to let off the gas. Looking at each task and understanding the best potential line and if speed needs to be scrubbed so the exit is correct was the main line of this talk.

I gave this talk at one of our annual team retreats with the intention to create a better experience for all those involved in the project process no matter what the role.

Giving team members a tool that allowed for them to relate their piece of the project to something in the outside world was well received.

  • Get my team thinking about slowing down at the right places in a task or project to be more efficient later regardless of role
  • Created simple and memorable experience with well designed visuals using racing concepts to lock in daily actionable thinking
  • Introduced a new transition document for our team called "blueprints" that provides project information all along the way


Keep in mind that this was a real time talk with the following slide deck intended for the support of my talk as well as a reference tool after it. Click the images below to enlarge and click through or download and view the presentation in PDF format.


After the talk I was able to provide the team with the following printable that they could fill out for their role or scenario. Examples of racing and business use are provided at the bottom of the page to help jog their memory about this talk and concept.